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How much would you spend to prevent an abortion?


What’s it worth to you? A few hundred dollars? A thousand dollars?
Some have sacrificed much more than money in hopes of preventing abortions.
At Respect for Life, we realize that the need for abortions is almost entirely the result of unwanted pregnancies. By preventing unwanted conceptions, abortions will be prevented.
A vasectomy is one very good method of avoiding numerous crisis pregnancies. The trouble is, a thousand dollars is more than many young couples can afford all at once.
If you would like to show your respect for human life by helping to prevent unwanted pregnancies and the need for abortions, contact us and learn how easy it can be.
Thank you for caring.

“Vasectomy prevents Abortion”
Respect for Life

Stop abortions before they start

No matter when we believe human life begins, the need for an abortion most certainly begins with unwanted conception. If a virile sperm was never allowed to penetrate that fertile egg, no one would be trying to tell anyone else what they should do about it.
Contraception nips abortion in the bud.
About 40% of couples who conceive in the USA today didn’t intend to do so. In more than half of these accidents, efforts were made to prevent conception, but in nearly half no precautions were taken at all.
So, more contraception is needed, and more couples need to find methods that work for them.
We can help by supporting organizations which provide family planning services, by encouraging others to be responsible about their fertility, and most importantly, by using contraceptives ourselves if there is a risk of starting an unwanted pregnancy.
Preventing conception stops abortion before it has a chance to start.

“Contraception prevents Abortion”
Respect for Life

Would you spend fifty cents to prevent an abortion?


Fifty cents? That’s nothing. Some people are spending everything they have trying to prevent abortions. A few are willing to sacrifice life itself in futile attempts to stop what they believe is wrong. What’s half a buck compared to murder?
Fifty cents. That’s all a good condom goes for these days. A simple four-bit layer of latex will do more to prevent an abortion than all the chaos and mayhem that can be mustered.
Men, use condoms if you put your lover at risk of needing an abortion. Be a man and support condoms.
Women, demand protection. If your man won’t use a condom tell him to beat it. You’re the one taking the most risk.
All of us can help prevent the tragedy of unwanted pregnancy by encouraging responsible condom use.

“Abortion is inconceivable without conception.”
Respect for Life

Safe sex avoids conception

Unwanted pregnancies are often begun in the heat of passion, when reason and control slip away, and couples find themselves in over their heads before they have a clue or a condom.
A lack of safe release of sexual tension increases the chances of an unintended union of sperm and egg. Though most of the resulting zygotes won’t take hold, millions will. An embryo quickly evolves into a fetus, and, legal or not, an abortion often follows.
No one wants it this way, especially not those in hot pursuit of simple sexual gratification. At times like this, masturbation comes in handy. Both solo and mutual masturbation have been shown to satisfy the natural urges which commonly lead to the need for abortion.
We can help prevent abortions by encouraging those who demonstrate a need for sexual release to take matters into their own hands, and by doing likewise.

“Masturbation prevents Abortion”
Respect for Life

Men, do you support a woman’s right to choose?

Sure, why not support a woman’s right to endure a surgical procedure that avoids child support payments? “No skin off my nose.” Right?
But what about a woman’s right to not need an abortion in the first place? How many men actively support that right? Let’s face it, there’s a man behind every abortion—all too often, a man who refuses to accept responsibility for his fertility, and leaves his lover holding the bag.
The definition of reproductive freedom must advance beyond a woman’s right to mess with foams, sponges, diaphragms, IUDs, chemical sticks, synthetic hormones, medical and surgical terminations of unwanted pregnancies, and on and on.
It’s time men stopped placing their lovers at risk of needing abortions. Time for men to support condoms, and to take control of those life-threatening sperm once and for all.

“Condoms and vasectomy prevent abortions”
Respect for Life

No accidental conceptions with same sex sex

Regardless of whether you consider sexual activity by same gender couples to be an abomination against God, a demonstration of love, or a salutation to pleasure, one thing’s for sure: the result will not be an abortion.
In spite of contraceptive availability, unwanted pregnancies continue to plague heterosexual couples. Forty percent of the conceptions in the USA are not planned, and about half end in abortions. Almost all of these accidents could have been prevented.
Although some lesbian couples breed with a little help from a friend or through artificial means, unintended pregnancies are biologically impossible.
All opposed to abortion have reason to congratulate homosexual couples for doing their parts to prevent unwanted conceptions.

“Gay sex prevents abortion”
Respect for Life

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