Selected reasons offered for entering past vasectomy drawings:

“I want to tie the lover’s knot for my Valentine because . . .

My wife and I have been together 5 years now, we have two beautiful children and have decided that’s all we are going to have. Because my wife has a very bad reaction to birth control pills we primarily depend on condoms. We long to be free of them. We haven’t any insurance to cover a vasectomy.
T.L. Portland, Oregon

The pill has dampened her appetite and this procedure would be the healthiest choice for us both. We’ve been married many years and would love to have this procedure done with little cost.
J.D. Portland, Oregon

It’s more permanent than roses, impossible to lose, unlike diamonds, and much more fun than a box of chocolates!
R.H. Portland, Oregon

We don’t want kids, we can always adopt, the world has enough kids....., etc.
E.J. Portland, Oregon

It would be really nice not to have to interrupt loveplay to use a condom.
J.C. Portland, Oregon

I am 38. My new wife is 48. We are not going to have children.
R.W.A. Portland, Oregon

My queen of the night doesn’t want, need, or desire more than me, myself, and I. Not to mention that it is either her or me. I would rather it be me, ‘cause I’m going to get it done myself anyways. (under the knife).
J.D. Portland, Oregon

She’s a love! I want to feel flesh again!
W.G.F. Aloha, Oregon

The sight of Earth-munching toddlers makes my blood run cold. The thought of me accidentally producing one of these cute little devils is horrifying. I couldn’t abandon it or want to, but it would change my life in a worldly way.
D.B. Santa Cruz, California

It won’t cause a loss of sensation
This painless and safe operation
But it will keep us one day
From having to pay
The cost of some kid’s education.
N.T.W. Portland, Oregon

The knowledge that there is no way I could get a woman pregnant could only increase the pleasure of SEX!
R.W. Ruidoso, New Mexico

I see negative population growth as one of the necessary and non-negotiable requirements to preserve what is left of our Earth. I am more than willing to not reproduce for my part.
D.W.C. Olympia, Washington

Too much child support: 5 kids by 3 women. The world is getting too over crowded & we can’t support sustainability.
J.P. Portland, Oregon

I shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.
D.G. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Ever since I was little I had told my father I wasn’t going to have kids. He would always tell me I had to, to keep the family name going. I had no moral reasons then, now that I know all of the ecological damage bringing one more child to this earth causes, there is no way I could have a child. Screw the family name.
L.S. Reno, Nevada

I’d rather not add to the population problem. There’s always adoption and yes, contraception for both parties is a pain. Besides there’s no "Norplant" for men.
N.N. Portland, Oregon

The earth has too many Homo sapiens as it is and neither of us wants to add any more.
G.S. Santa Fe, New Mexico

It’s the most sensible, responsible, permanent solution to birth control.
B.R. Portland, Oregon

As an environmentalist, the very worst thing I can do in my life is to create another super-consuming American. Of course, if I did create a child I would do everything in my power to ensure he or she would do more good than bad in their life. But the only guarantee is that my kid would unsustainably devour vast quantities of natural resources during their life.
L.B. Ketchum, Idaho

Even though I’ve already tied it, I want to have a ritual vasectomy every year to express my deep love for nature’s beauty and to show my sincere concern for my soon-to-be-extinct bipedal lover - may we live long and die out!
K.B. Santa Cruz, California

I don’t want to bring another person into the world, especially not another American. One of us uses much more and does more damage to the environment than someone in the Third World.
D.L. Lake Oswego, Oregon

With this small gesture of love for this planet, I hope to restore an ecological balance... someday?.. ...maybe?
M.T. Seattle, Washington

I love her and I love the earth.
R.N. Tigard, Oregon

We want fear free, guilt free, artificial hormone free, drug free, latex free sex.
R. W-S. Roseland, Virginia

I want a vasectomy but I’m broke. So, do I volunteer to be some med student’s science project, or do the sheep method and put a rubber band around my balls?
R.R. Portland, Oregon

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