Respect for Life’s

Valentines Day drawing for a free vasectomy

Previous years’ vasectomy drawings,
held at The Crimson Phoenix

What can a man give his lover on Valentines Day? Flowers, candy, jewelry?
Well, if he’s fertile and his Valentine is a woman, he might give her the gift that says, “I love you” every time it’s used: a vasectomy.

Happy customer at The Crimson Phoenix’s new store draws 2002 winner’s entry.
(Drawings have not been held since 2002, and The Crimson Phoenix is no longer in business).


Entry of our first winner of the century is drawn by the vivacious Nine of the Crimson Phoenix.


Unidentified customer at
the Crimson Phoenix draws 2001 winner.

1998 Winning entry in our fifth annual vasectomy giveaway is drawn by the lovely Aires at the Crimson Phoenix, while Rev. Barron holds the entry box.
1999 Winning entry in our sixth annual vasectomy giveaway is drawn by an unidentified customer at the Crimson Phoenix, and is shown to Rev. Barron.

Men entering past drawings have offered insightful reasons for wanting a free vasectomy.

Good men are standing by, ready to prove they care.

Respect for Life receives many requests for financial assistance from men who want to take responsibility for their fertility, but a thousand dollars all at once is hard to manage. The Affordable Care Act doesn’t mandate vasectomies, and their health insurance might not cover it.

At least vasectomies are legal in North America. Many countries have yet to repeal archaic penal codes restricting or forbidding this simple and private procedure.

Unfortunately, Respect for Life’s vasectomy loan fund is constantly depleted. Until this situation changes, we offer a few suggestions.

Advice for finding and affording your blessed event

Generally, the best source for low-cost vasectomies is Planned Parenthood. Find your nearest affiliate clinic through their website, or in your phone directory. If your local clinic doesn’t provide the procedure, they may be able to refer you to a cooperating doctor who does.

Learn more about this simple procedure at Vasectomy Information, a site in the UK which includes a discussion group to answer any questions not covered in their extensive FAQ. Links for vasectomy information.

Once a provider is found, money will have to be raised. As difficult as this may be, it helps to remember that an accidental conception could cost just as much—far more if allowed to continue full term. It’s also the most economical contraceptive, paying for itself many times over a lifetime.

If you are very low income, you might be able to qualify for your state’s health plan, if they have one. Your local Planned Parenthood will know.

It might be possible to set up an account for yourself at a Planned Parenthood clinic offering vasectomies, making monthly deposits of an affordable amount. If not, a bank will do. You could encourage friends and associates to send money to it. Perhaps make a paper "thermometer" and color in the amount raised for display at work or any appropriate place. This could be fun, and raise awareness at the same time.

Other urology clinics may be willing to set up an account, and, if deposits are regular, may be willing to proceed before the whole cost is covered. Payments continuing after, of course.

Independent urologists have accepted labor in exchange for performing a vasectomy. Yard work, cleaning, painting, etc. are often needed.

Adventurous men could stand on a sidewalk with a cup and ask for contributions. Maybe hold a sign that reads:
“Fertile. Please help.”
“Stop me before I impregnate (again).”
“Prevent abortion (or child abuse, unwanted pregnancy, mutant sociopaths, and so on) sterilize me.”

Carrying pre-addressed, stamped envelopes to give to those who wish to make contributions should assure them that their donation will get to the intended place.

Anti-abortion protesters in front of health clinics might be interested in helping out, since a vasectomy insures that one more man will never cause a woman to want an abortion.

People who are able to provide financial assistance for vasectomies are encouraged to contact their local Planned Parenthood office and ask about either setting up a fund, or making an "ear-marked" contribution. This will provide a tax deduction for the contribution, something Respect for Life cannot furnish yet.

How you might help:
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