Partial listing of sites which offer information about

Most of the following include still more links to sites covering male sterilization.

Beaver Cleaver
Lighthearted tour of one man's vasectomy, in living color.

Engender Health
"Improving Women's Health Worldwide." Quiz to find out if vasectomy is right for you. Toll free phone number to learn about the procedure without reading.

National Institute of Child Health & Human Development,
US federal government provides information on technique, masculinity, immune reactions.

Planned Parenthood
Other methods of contraception also covered.

The Urology Channel
Information about the many aspects of urology, including vasectomy. Appears to be maintained by urologists.
Quick lists of advantages and disadvantages.
"Authoritative information from doctors about vasectomy and vasectomy reversal."

Vasectomy Information
Perhaps the best single source for learning about vasectomies. Personal stories. Discussion. Chat.

Vasectomy Medical
Similar to "".

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